My New Template

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I have changed my template. I guess I did not need to tell you regulars that, you have eyes. I have wanted a 3 column one and have been slow about adding things to the sidebars since you sometimes lose them when you change templates.

My original was made by Gisele Jaquenod and I loved it, but wanted three columns. I tried to do it myself, but things would not line up, so I then asked her if she could do it. She has been most gracious to me and tried. It was not working out, but she made this one with a garden theme and I like it. No, it is not the pink one, but it is cute anyway and I thank her so much. If you have a blog and want to see some cute templates try her site. She has other things there as well.

Thanks Gis!


Gisele said...

awww dear thanks so so much :D
i promesssss ill make a roses 3 columns now that i am getting a bit better the hang of the 3 cols hihihihi
*hugs* and thanks for the feature :D


Can u teach me how to use this template?
I downloaded it and uploaded it but the blogger says that cannot upload it ...

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