Go For Free First

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Where do you go when you need something? I mean information, ideas, how to do and other such things. I used to run to the library and look for books there. It is certainly more frugal than buying them, however we have a better way right at our fingertips.

I look online! I find all types of how to information, patterns, craft ideas and anything else my heart desires. Well, almost, all I can do is find pictures of chocolate.

There are coloring pages to keep the kids busy, printable games for them too. I found a cute free Valentines puzzle to make for the kids.

With so much free on the internet I use that first before I buy anything. I learned to type by hunting out the internet! So it even has its perks!

I also found a really great search engine for you to try. I It is called Mahalo and when you type what you are looking for in the box on the home page it opens up a tabbed window with all different search engines. Try it! You can find things you never knew before.

I hunt for recipes, things to do, how to make things or repair things, health issues etc.

We pay for the internet. All of us on here are paying something to have the ability to blog and communicate. Why not stretch that item already in the budget? Whatever you are going to do, need or want to do, research the free source first. You may not need to spend the extra money on a book, how to guide or pattern. You may also find a more frugal way of doing things. For more ideas about being frugal go here.

Sometimes I think I am crazy.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

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I know it is Wednesday, and I always participate in WFMW. Today is no different, but it is a different kind of post. Not something someone can really change and do, but something that maybe will help someones attitude or make them think.

When I was young I had the kids home and loved it. Oh, they went to school and all, but I loved the vacations time, snow days etc when they would be at home. I was a stay at home mom, enjoyed the kids (most of the time! I had 5 so the fighting was something else at times).

As the kids got older and began to date I was a bit concerned. Yes, there was the usual concerns about what they were doing, but there was also the concern over I AM GETTING OLD!!!

Then, they had the nerve to marry. NOW I WAS GETTING OLDER!! Depressing. Then, one of them had the nerve to tell me I was going to be a grandmother. Now I was really upset! Yes, upset. This meant I was as old as my mother and grandmother. I knew that the cane was coming next! I was depressed. Very.

Sean was born and I loved him, but I did not want to be a grandmother. Call me Grammie, it helps to not feel so old. Sean broke me in a bit, who can not love a baby?

Then my 4th child married and let me know that grandchild number 2 was on the way. OH NO!!! A walker was coming now! How much older can I get before they put me in the grave? However, by now I was broke in, so when Ivy was born I was a little more accepting of the idea and enjoyed another grand child, but I did not want to be known as a grandma. So, people thought she was my child and I let them. Where ever I went and anyone asked how old "MY" baby was I just told them. Why hurt their opinion?

Well, this year I will be old. I have 18 grand kids and more coming I am sure, I love it. I still hate the word grandma, but I love the kids. However, I do not want to be old. I am crazy!! Having grand kids is fun, you have them, enjoy them, send them home and have peace at night. You can play with them, bake with them, teach them, all the joys of motherhood, but still get a nights sleep!

I have one granddaughter all day, I love it, but at 4:37 she leaves. I can eat supper in peace, but I miss her. See, I am crazy!

Now, I look at myself and my attitudes and wonder what is with my thinking. I am going to be 60 this year. It is the end of the world to be that old. Yet, when I think back to being 25 or so and having to live all I have lived over again I do not want it. Yes, there were plenty of joys, and I still think of them. Being a grammie you have the best of both worlds.

What works for me? Being a grammie, but not being old. However, since that is not possible, I am trying to enjoy the grammie and the old. Sometimes life just makes up have an attitude adjustment, but sometimes those adjustments come in steps over a long time.

Are their things in your life that need an attitude adjustment? Work on it! It is worth it and it works for me!

Bloggy Giveaway!

Monday, January 28, 2008

This giveaway will end at noon central time, Saturday the 2nd. Good Luck! My husband will pick one of you and I will contact you by the end of the day!


It is bloggy giveaway time and I am going to participate by giving away a family devotional book.This book is from Creation Moments and is one in a series of devotionals great for any age. Use them for family devotions or alone. The book has great facts about our world and how it is God Created and God designed.

Here is an excerpt from the book:

The creation is filled with plants and animals that use deception to survive. The glow- in-the- dark- cookie-cutter shark is a master at such deception.

The cookie-cutter shark is only a foot to a foot and a half long. It doesn't have powerful muscles and can't swim very fast. But it doesn't need to. Lunch serves itself. The shark typically lives between 600 and 3000 feet below the surface of the water. Looking down from above one of these sharks, you probably would not see it, because the top of it's body is as dark as the deep waters where it lives. Looking up from below, you would not see the dark outline of the of the shark against the light that filters down from the surface. This is because the shark's first deception: its underside is completely covered with light-emitting cells that match the illumination from above.

The deception doesn't stop there, however. ~~~ (read the rest on page 88)
The series is available from Creation Moments. However, this book is available from me for free if you win my bloggy giveaway!

To enter:
  1. Leave a comment below and be sure I have a way to contact you
  2. Giveaway will end Saturday, Feb. 2nd
  3. Open to anyone, blog or no blog. USA or Timbuktu!

For more giveaways check out Bloggy Giveaways!

Valentine's Day Is Coming

Thursday, January 24, 2008

We are only a few short weeks away from Valentine's Day. Instead of waiting till the last minute and going out and buying all your cards, why not take the time now and make them? The kids can all join and make it a family time to make school valentines, grandparent valentines and friend valentines.

When cards are made personal and you put yourself into them they mean more to most people. Creativity can be cheaper than buying, especially with the price of cards these days.

So, get out your crayons, paper, scraps of ribbon, stickers and anything else you have that might go on a card. I have seen Jello used, elbow noodles, bottle caps, paper plates and doilies. Let the kids have fun! Do not make them do it perfect.

Why not make your special loved one a card too? Take the time now, think about it and then by Valentine's day you will be prepared, have saved money and will not be out there spending like the rest of the world.

Some sites for Valentines ideas:
There are many other sites that offer free designs and ideas for a frugal but wonderful day. Your family can spend the time together and work together to make it special.

For more frugal ideas check out Biblical Womanhood.

Why I Married My Husband : Guest Post

By Saralee Perel

It seems as if God made a plan: The only creatures that will share their lives with my husband, Bob, will be very needy ones. This includes 4 cats, 2 dogs, 1 pet duck, 1 mouse and Grandpa.

Grandpa, our plain old catfish, is a perfect example of why I've been married to Bob for 30 years. We had a blight in our 29 gallon aquarium a decade ago. All the fish died except Grandpa. Bob cried, as he took his brood outside and buried them.

So 20-year-old Grandpa, who's 1 inch long, has the whole tank to himself. He needs high maintenance. His water needs constant changing and daily testing for impurities and lots of other care.

Since I, too, have needed high maintenance for several years. I've wanted to lighten Bob's load. "Sweets," I said, "I can find a good home for Grandpa."

"He already has a home."

Grant, our 19 year old pet duck, needs a lot of help. In winter, Bob keeps her warm with a heat lamp inside her coop. When the electricity goes out, the lamp won't work, so Grant spends her day in our bathtub. She's very arthritic. Everyday, Bob grinds calcium and aspirin into her food, and stays outside to make sure she eats it.

"Sweets, I can find a good home for Grant."

"She already has a home."

This season, mice come in our house for warmth. With a Hav-A-Hart mouse trap that captures them alive, Bob gets a mouse a day. Each morning I hear, "Time to take the mouse out back." I haven't suggested that it's probably the same mouse, who's unquestionably getting an enormous kick out of all this. I bet that after Bob frees him, that mouse does a quick spin and comes right back in, laughing.

Our old cat Josie, had a prognosis of 2 years, maximum, to live with treatment. On frigid winter days, Bob made the 2 hour drives to a specialist vet at Tufts, a large animal hospital in Massachusetts. This past November, she's outlived all expectations and is happily jumping around like a kitten – now over 3 years since her dire prognosis.

When Bob took her to our superb local vet, he was so joyous upon seeing her – with all her fur grown back and her nutty personality so fully re-blossomed, that he rushed out of the exam room with Josie in his arms, needing to show her off to everyone. Even the vet at Tufts was shocked, "That cat's still alive?"

I believe Josie's wellbeing is not just from treatment, but equally from Bob's love.

And then...there's me.

Five years ago, I became disabled, leaving Bob as my full-time caregiver and keeper of the house.

Each morning, when he wakes me, he is smiling throughout the routine. After putting slippers on my cold feet, he makes the room cheerful – opens the blinds, sticks a cat in my arms, calls one of the dogs to jump on the bed, puts coffee on my computer table – helps me (and whichever cat) into my chair – oh, and of course I get long loving sloppy kisses – from the dog, and then from Bob.

So – all of Bob's needy creatures, great and small, live in heaven on earth. But in reality, Bob thinks he's the one who has it better. No matter the time or place; how busy he is; how far from home he may be, he feels blessed to come rescue one of us – even if my, "Please come home," call for rescue is just to have him hold a very frightened trembling hand . . . or a paw.

I think God made a good plan.

Award-winning columnist/novelist Saralee Perel can be reached at sperel@saraleeperel.com or via her website http://www.saraleeperel.com

She will have two stories you might enjoy, in February's book release of "Chicken Soup for The Soul: Love Stories." And her novel, "Raw Nerves," is available at Amazon: Raw Nerves: A Cape Cod Comedic Thriller

Copyright 2007 Saralee Perel. Used with permission

Wonderful Brown Soap

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I want to share something that works for me and I know will work for you also.

Today there are many soaps on the market, but the old tried and true ones are now considered outdated. In fact some are downright hard to find! We have all kinds of medicines, salves, laundry soaps etc out there, each for it's own purpose. All of them make us feel we need to spend more money.

For many of us, we try to live frugally, try to live simple, yet we often feel there is nothing else to do but buy what is out there. I have some things I do that work and save money. I actually could not decide if I should put this on the works for me Wednesday or on the frugal Friday!

First, many of us make our own laundry soap. For some the ingredients are a bit hard to find, but I found a good source for them which I will share at the end. One of the ingredients in my recipe is Fels Naptha soap or Octagon soap. These are both a bar soap that is great for laundry and stains. I have some other uses too and want to share them with you now.

  1. Grate a small amount and let it set in a little water to make it soft. Knead with your fingers until it is "mushy" and pliable. Add sugar. Yes, sugar, plain white sugar. Make a paste out of it and knead till the sugar is softened. Put it on a boil, splinter or other infection and cover with a band aid. It will draw out any infection quickly. As a kid we used this on many infections and splinters and saved many a trip to the dr.!
  2. If you find you got into poison ivy or oak wash good in this soap. It will dry up the pimples. If you catch it right away, as soon as you see you got into it, wash in the soap and you will not get the poison ivy or it will not be very bad.
  3. Rub into clothing as soon as you see something that would stain. It will usually prevent a stain from setting in.
  4. Wash scrapes on kids (or yourself) when they slide on the pavement, fall off a bike etc. It will clear any germs that could cause an infection.
I know there are more uses, but these are the ones most used by me. When my kids were young I was never without this soap in the house. Now it is hard to find in some places. I have to drive over an hour to find a store that sells it, but did find a place I can order it from, Soaps Gone Buy has all kinds of soaps for laundry as well as other older soaps no longer found in the stores.

Give it a try! It Works for Me!

Abortion: Today's Holocaust

Rather than to repeat my post I would like to ask you to go to Ain't No Place To Put a Sticker for today.

My heart is just breaking from a lesson and reminder that Caden has brought into my thoughts and I wanted to share it with all my readers.

Presenting: Caden

Monday, January 21, 2008

I would like to present to you

Caden Beau Loden

Caden was born about 12:15 PM Saturday, two months early. He weighs 3 lbs 9 ozs. and is 16 inches long. He is doing well and is adorable.

For all that has gone on during Misty's pregnancy you can read about it here and here and here. They have been through a lot and now they have this precious little one. A miracle and blessing from God.

Caden joins sister Carlie

We are proud grandparents of 18 grandchildren now!

To meet others, check out Beth's Meet and Greet Monday. Why not join in if you have a blog?

How Young is Young Enough?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

We see that little baby born and think he/she is so innocent. How could anybody that tiny and cute ever do wrong? It does not take long before we begin to see that sin nature come out. We wake one morning and our darling is now throwing temper tantrums, slapping, biting etc.

I realize that babies bite when they cut teeth or that they can't express things and it is frustrating, but I am talking about the rebellious times. You say no and they do it and scream at you. For some parents the terrible twos start at 6-8 months old!

What are we to do? How much do babies understand?

I am always amazed when parents, or many grandparents, think a baby can't understand or know, and then wonder why they turn into such a hard to manage child. Babies understand more than we give them credit for much of the time. I have some suggestions to help you understand your child and for you to know when your child understands what is being said.

  • From the beginning, talk to your baby. I do not mean "baby talk" I mean really talk. Tell them what you are doing as you are doing it. ( I am making dinner, this is a tomato and I need to cut it) etc. I talked about everything like they were understanding. As long as they were awake in the food store I talked over the shopping, showing them things. I had my granddaughter in the food store when she was about 3 months old and was telling her everything as I walked up and down the isles. One woman was watching me and finally said something to me about how much fun I made shopping for my granddaughter. She had not seen anyone do that before and saw how intent Scout was as I shopped. She is now 13 months old and we shop the same way, but now she knows what I buy and will point to it.
  • Do not talk "baby talk". They will not learn to express themselves right it we talk wrong.
  • If they get hurt, tell them what happened. "You tripped on the dog" as you are hugging them. If it was something they were not supposed to do, tell them. "We never touch the oven door, it is hot".
  • Tell them "no" when they do something wrong and be persistent. Remove their hand and say "no" as you are doing it.
  • Say "yes" and "no" to them. It takes little time for them to know the difference, usually a baby will know about the time they begin getting into things! You say "no" remove the offending item and replace it with a "yes" item and they catch on.
  • If you talk to them they will understand words like "shoe", "head", "hurt" etc and will be able to in some way express things. They other day my 13 month old granddaughter climbed on the couch (something that is allowed) and then hit her head on the wood between the windows. I did not see this, but she cried loudly as she hit and I ran to her. I hugged her and asked her what had happened. She took her head and put it against the wood between the window and bumped it. I then said "Oh, you klunked your head" and she shook it yes. I then held her and talked to her about the hurt. At13 months she also told me her shoes hurt her. I put on her sneakers and she put her hand on her toes and said "ahhhh soose" The "ah" was a hurt "ahhh". I took them off and thought her sock must be folded or something, fixed the socks and then put the back on. She complained some more and finally I looked inside and saw her toes were rubbing on the top of the shoe!
  • Pay attention to them. So often we get to talking to our spouse or another child that talks and we do not hear that they are telling us something. It may be good, may be bad and may be a rebellious "no".
What do you do when they persist in the "No no's" or in tantrums?

Tantrums are to be ignored. Much of the time, if right from the beginning, you ignore it they will not last long. Sometimes you get a persistent one that when you leave the room they follow and throw it in the room you are in. Yeah, I had two like that! You just move to another room and continue to ignore it.

Two of my daughters would sit on the floor and spread their legs out and bang their head on the floor between their legs. I wanted to laugh at first! It was so funny, but they were persistent and followed us room to room as we ignored them. It stopped and all we did was not give them the attention they were trying to get.

The deliberate disobedience of doing something you are telling them "no" about is something different. To handle that it means being firm and being consistent. This is hard if you are like me, sometimes they are so cute or so funny, but it is important that you nip it as a baby.


  1. Tell them firmly
  2. Remove their hand or the object
  3. If they go back to it, repeat the procedure
  4. What? They are still doing it? Believe it or not, they will! A tap on the butt with a very firm "no" is usually enough if it is started early enough. Remember, they have diapers on and you are not hitting hard, just the startling of the tap will usually stop it IF YOU START THEM YOUNG ENOUGH! (from experience, do not hit their hand. They will learn if you do not like what they are doing they can hit your hand!)
How young is young enough? When you can see that they are disobeying they are young enough for discipline.

God expects us to raise our children to be obedient and well behaved. Sin shows up young, very young, yet parents wait too late to start trying to deal with it. Nip it in the bud and it will not flower.

Be Creative

Thursday, January 17, 2008

One of the hardest things for me is to think of ways I am frugal. I imagine other bloggers have trouble too. Maybe you as a homemaker wonder if you are being frugal or how you can get to be better at it.

I like to read ideas and pick something I am not doing and try to start. There are sources out there to help, yahoo groups, other blogs and websites.

I believe that as a Christian we are to use our money frugally, use our brains wisely and be creative.

Since I was raised in a home where money was tight and then married and had 5 kids on the salary of a small church pastor I had to make do, do without or creatively think of ways to handle the lack of money. I thank God for that background. I found He supplies, He gives creative ideas and life is not dull.

When I have a gift to give, I first think of "what can I make?" I look at what I have on hand and then think of what I can do with it. Other times I look for ideas and then see what I have and get the rest. The same goes for decorating and cooking.

Be creative!

Too often people think "run out and buy" when the means to save money and have something even better than spending all that money was right in their own home and ability.

Frugal living is being creative, thinking before getting out the pocketbook and using what one has first.

For great frugal ideas hop on over to Biblical Womanhood.

Photo's for family

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It is Wednesday again and as usual Rocks In My Dryer is hosting Works For Me.

My post this week is actually because of something my family did for me. As you know from other posts, I live in Texas. My husband and I have three kids and their families here in Texas, but we also have one in NC and 4 more in ME.

Three of our 17 grand kids are here, one in NC and 13 in Maine. We miss so much of their lives as we can't see them very much.

This year I was not only given the trip to NC and Maine, but I was also given a thumb drive and one of those credit card size digital photo albums. The thumb drive was bought with the idea that each family would put pictures on it and then I can have the pictures of the kids, trips, landscapes etc of ME and put what I wanted on the small digital one to carry with me and the rest on my computer. They did not get it passed around as they intended, but I did get some great pictures on it from my son.

If each family did this for those who are away it would be the best gift they could give. I t keeps those of us that are away feeling we are not missing as much. Kids soccer, T-ball etc. is all there for me to view.

This gift is sure something that Works for me!

My Trip

First, I want to let those that commented to me over this last week I will be getting to some of you. I am late since I was not home.

I have arrived. For the drama of the day you can check out my post on Ain't No Place To Put A Sticker. I will not repeat myself.

I had a great time in NC and in Maine. It was a wonderful Christmas present from my family.

I visited Jessica in NC first and had a good time with her and Lexi. We relaxed, walked and it was a quiet time. She taught me how she shops at CVS and I am wishing more and more there was one close to me so I could get bargains too!

Lexi is so quiet and I could not believe how much Jessica gets done with a baby around. I watch another grand daughter, Scout, and she is so into everything I get almost nothing done all day. However, being there gave me the rest I needed between Scout here and the crew in Maine!

I flew to Maine and stayed first with my daughter Karra and their 5 kids. I arrived and they all talked at once for the first day. It was fun, but I am sure I missed much of what was said since they were all in my ear and talking at the same time. They have grown so much!

On Saturday we had Christmas together. It was fun to watch the kids open presents and play together. My son Paul has 2 boys and I could not believe how big Sean grew since the summer. He is getting tall and turning into a real teen. I stayed with the the rest of the day and then went to Bethany's for the night so we could spend time on Sunday together. I slept with her cat, who purred in my ear for some time, but I did not mind.

I wanted so much to see the ocean while I was there, so they took me for a ride to Cousin's Island, Long John's Island and another one I can't recall right now. After winding down this road we came to a stop, drive farther and you went into the ocean! I took the following two pictures there.

Notice anything funny about the 1st one?

Yes, it drops right off into the water! But buses can park there!

I shot this picture off the fishing pier that was there. That was it, where the road ended. No turn around, no guard rail, just ended there.

Sunday evening I went to Erik's. He has 4 kids and the talking all at once started again. I had a little practice by then so did better with it and think I caught most of what was said.

Living away from part of the family is hard. I love them all and when I am with one I miss the other. I was with some of the kids, but missed my husband so much. Before I am even back to Texas the pains of missing those not here are already starting.

Family. There is nothing like it. Cherish it, grow it and keep contact.

Frugal or Cheap?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Today is Frugal Friday at Biblical Womanhood. I am sorry I do not have the official logo of the day, but I am not at home on my own computer. I am in Maine at my daughter's home and having a great time with the grand kids here.
We all love to save money and call ourselves frugal, but sometimes we need to be careful. Frugal and cheap are different. Saving money can be good or bad. Let me explain.
I give this as a warning from the many mistakes I made over the years gone by. Cheap can be bad. When in the name of frugality we buy cheap we may end up paying more in the end.
I no longer grab because it is cheap. I look for the items I want, price them at different places, see if I can get them, in good shape, at thrift or other lower cost means, but I try not to let go of quality. I get the best I can for what I can afford.
How many times have you found something cheap only to find it shrinks, breaks, doesn't work etc? That vacuum at the great price, and no longer picked up the dirt after a month. I had one go in 3 weeks! Great price though!
Or that darling shirt at Joe's Bargain Barn, wear it once and it no longer fits.
Shopping by "cheap" will end up costing more in the end. We can be frugal, save money, but not become cheap. Be wise in your frugality. Make choices that will not cost more in the end. Shop wise, store things wisely, and be sure your bargains are needs and quality.
For more Frugal ideas, go to Biblical Womanhood!

Organizing help wanted

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It is backwards day at Rocks In My Dryer and I am going to participate. Works for me Wednesday is a day we always learn from one another. I love hearing every one's hints and hoping that maybe I would have something to offer others.

Today I am going to ask you for your help and ideas. I ma trying to organize my house and am having all kinds of troubles with it. Can anyone give me ideas for storing when there is little room. I have things so messed up because I can't find ways to organize.

  • Plastic storage bags (ziploc etc) plastic wrap, waxed paper etc. are setting on my dryer for lack of a place to put them and way to store them.
  • patterns (sewing) are in a box in the back room. This room also has the computers and computer stuff, books for the computer etc. Fabric, craft stuff and other things are setting all around this room as I can't figure out how to organize it.
  • The closet for my husbands and my clothes is a good size. It is not huge, and is a walkin. However, it has rods for hanging on both sides and our clothes are all shoved and get wrinkled. I have summer and winter clothes, both hanging, and do not know how to organize any of it so things are not always wrinkled.
I am discouraged about my problems with getting it together. I want it all neat, all my craft things, sewing things etc available and there when I want them. I would like my drawer in the kitchen (yes, I only have one) neat instead of the spatulas, ladles etc all bunched together and I have to dig when I want something.

You can see my problem is deep. Any help you can give me would be wonderful!

Hope on over to Rocks In My Dryer for more questions and answers.

I Am Here

I arrived in NC yesterday after a very uneventful flight. Well, except for the fact that I did not know that they used Fisher Price to make their airplanes. I do not see how such small planes would fly with all those people on them!

Last year when I made this trip I was delayed all over the place. I mean how many times does a pilot fall out of the plane when he is boarding? I was stuck in the airport for about 4 hours waiting for another pilot to show up! I still have many more legs of the journey to go, so we will see how it all goes.

I am here now, enjoying my daughter, son in law and granddaughter as well as their niece who is also visiting.

I will write more as I travel!

OH Honey, Happy Anniversary!!!

What Do You Think?

Saturday, January 5, 2008

This coming Tuesday will be my 3rd anniversary with Rick. He is my second husband and as much a blessing as the first was. I love him so dearly and never thought I could be this happy with a man again. He is funny and fun, you never know what to expect.

However, he has a big fault and I can't figure out why. So, I ask you, what would you think?

We have 8 kids between us, I brought 5 into the marriage and he brought 3. They are all precious and loved very much by both of us. We have three here in Texas where we live, one in NC and 4 in Maine. We have 17 grand kids and number 18 on the way in March. This is a problem for us seeing them all.

My husband solves this for the holidays by sending me away after Christmas. This year the kids all got together with him and bought my tickets, anniversary Tuesday, I leave Monday! Three years married and I have been sent away just before our anniversary every year! Not one anniversary together yet! Tell me, what would you think?

I really am excited about going and seeing them all again, really. I am not excited about all the snow and cold, as I am leaving 70-80 degree weather predicted for the next few days here. No coat, had to dig out boots and lug them along. But the kids! They make it worth it all.

I will be spending my anniversary with Jessica this year. How romantic. What do we have planned honey?

Now, regardless of what you think, I know why he sends me to see the kids, he loves me and this is the best Christmas present he can give. Now I just need to train him to wait till after the 8th or send me before so I am home for the 8th. Any ideas?

Ink Cartridges

Thursday, January 3, 2008

I love to save money. My husband teases me so much about the deals that I can find.

Over Christmas he was looking for a PS2 to USB converter. He could not find anything cheaper than $30 and knew there had to be. I walked in a store, saw one for $15 and got it for him. It was the same one he could not find for less than $30!

I love freebies. I have several yahoo groups I belong to as well as some blogs that point out the freebie deals that companies have. It is so much fun going to the mail and finding a treat for my cat, some shampoo, cereal or some other thing I paid nothing for.

One thing I hate spending money on is ink cartridges. How can they charge so much for a little cartridge for a printer? I have a Canon printer and my cartridges are relatively cheap at 11 - 12 a piece. My husband has a HP printer and his will take the food budget to replace. It seems the cheaper the printer the more expensive the cartridge too.

Yesterday I found a way to get cheaper cartridges and help someone as well. An old friend of mine has been trying to raise money to be full time in the ministry. She was a missionary with her first husband until he was martyred by guerrillas in Columbia a number of years ago. She has since remarried and her and her husband want to go into a ministry reaching people who are homeless, been in jail or otherwise unwanted in society. If you would like a way to get cheap ink cartridges as well as support someone serving the Lord email Lorraine at ibsbusiness at bellsouth dot net and tell her what printer you have and she will give you a quote. Mine are only $4 each compared to 11 or 12 in the store.

For more frugal ideas check in at Biblical Womanhood.

Sites to Check Out

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Today I would like to share three fun links with you. I shared one on my other site and want to share two more with you here. These links help me at times and thought they would be useful for others.

The first one I want to recommend is TipNut. I get a daily summery from them and many days it is really something useful and I save it. For instance, today had one called 11 goals to enhance your life this year. They are worth reading. Sometimes there are craft tips, money saving tips, how to do things, like fix a chair, etc. It is a cute site worth signing up for the newsletter.

Another site is a bit of fun. Want an idea for dinner? Don't have much in the house? Not sure what you can do with what you do have? Try going to CookingByNumbers.com I have never seen a more interesting way to come up with something for dinner! Say you have beef, eggs, garlic, coffee, chocolate, tomatoes and pasta plus some seasonings. Put them in the list and you will find you can make: Chocolate dream, grilled tomatoes, and a few other things. You could also make pasta with seasoned oil, tomato concassee or a number of other recipes. Just put in what you have on hand and it will give you something you can do with it. Try it! Have some fun for dinner tonight! Works for me!

New Year's Eve, New Year's Day

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The day is almost over and I am finally writing what I have been doing.

Last night, the last night of the year to get in all the horrahs, I spent watching TV on the couch until I fell asleep. Lest you think that was late, I think I remember seeing 9PM, but not sure. I had a weird dream that I dropped my glasses behind the couch just before my husband woke me to go to bed.

Last night was spent in dreams and trying to get the dog to stop bothering me. Apparently she had to go out, but I was not smart enough to get up and let her out. My husband stepped in it this morning when he got up. Happy New Year honey!

I got up and went to put the dog out (at 7 AM and too late) and could not find my glasses. I looked all over, but for me I need my glasses to see my glasses, so asked help from my husband. Remember last night's dream? It was no dream, he found them behind the couch! Happy New Year!

Today I went to put away my Christmas stuff and found a mouse had been dining in the closet in the spare room. My husband had a number of boxes of old mail, junk etc in the closet. It was from before we got married and I just never got around to going through it. He likes to hang on to everything, so this means going through when he is not here. Now that the mouse was making it home, I was getting rid of.

After hours on the floor sorting I ended up with three big boxes of junk and one little box of keepers. Since the mouse found it he did not argue.

Now, it is bed time again, New year's day is about over and I am wondering, if it is starting out in doggy doo and mouse doo what is the rest of the year going to be like?

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