Child Proof The Christmas Tree

Thursday, December 13, 2007

When my kids were really young I found the Christmas tree to be a challenge. All those ornaments were tempting to the kids and costly as well.

When we put something out as prominent as a Christmas tree only to have to get stressed out because the kids will not leave it alone is not good for the family. To have them frustrated as well because they want to touch it and you are yelling at them only takes away from the family and the fun.

Maybe your children are angels and not interested in the tree, but mine were not. I found a cheap and easy way to not have to worry about them breaking the ornaments or hurting themselves.

Make or buy cookies and let the kids decorate them if they are old enough. Sugar cookies work well, but I also used spritz cookies that are pressed out of a cookie press.

I then took the cookies and put them back to back and wrapped in a little plastic wrap and tied on the tree with a ribbon. I added candy canes to the tree and then some ribbon bows. I had some wooden ornaments that I painted from a kit as well.

Should the kids get something off the tree, it is only a cookie or candy cane and nothing that will break and hurt them. I found my kids actually let the tree alone, it was the cat I had the problem with!

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Beckie said...

When Sean was little I put my pack and play in front of my tree. He was so good about it. He just loved to look at it so the pack and play was able to be put away. Then came Matthew. He was in a walker his first Christmas. I put the coffee table in front. He learned to look and not touch. The next year we did the same thing and after a couple of days he to would look and not touch as well. I always put the non-breakable things down low. I used my good breakable ornaments to decorate other areas. I liked this so well I still do it now even though the are 13 and 8.

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