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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Life can be tough. Babies crying, toddlers into everything and meals to fix etc. Young moms have it tough. Balancing the budget, or as I sometimes experienced "What budget? It all just went to___ (you fill in the blank)"

When I was a young mom I became flustered at times, just wanted to get away or do something but had no money to do or no time to go. I am realizing now, as I am watching my granddaughter for 9 !/2 hrs a day, that I sometimes feel the same way.

I realize, too, that we forget what is right there for us and it is free most of the time. Look around you and see what is there. No, not the messy house with fighting kids! But look out the window and see the trees, pastures, sun, moon etc. Sometimes I just walk out on our porch and look at what God has made.

When I lived in Maine I would walk on the ocean, down a dirt road or sit on the rocks. Even with the kids it was relaxing for the most part. They were excited to be somewhere and I could see the horizon and beauty.

I know as a mom with little kids there is little time for you, but capture the free moments and enjoy what is there. Pretend and dream. Even if it is only a few moments to hold you over till the next moment it will relax you; you will have spent no money and it will refresh. At least till the first screaming kid comes in!

For more ideas check out Biblical Womanhood.


Lady Why said...

A walk outside does a body good, doesn't it?!

Amy said...

I needed this today. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

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Mrs. Jo said...

Thanks for this refreshing post! I'm so excited to have found a blog of someone who is an experienced mom/grandma! I'll be back for sure!

Mrs. Jo said...

Since I couldn't find where I'm supposed to e-mail questions, I thought I'd put them in the comments section here:
Do you have any insight on:
*Anger management as a mother? (Can you tell I have 2 toddlers?)
*Disciplining the highly difficult and unbelievably strong-willed child?
*What is a godly grandmother? For example: my own mom got a college degree after her kids were grown and is now a teacher at a Christian school. She rarely has time for us. On the other hand my aunt practically raises her grandkids, drives them to school, cleans her daughter's house while her daughter is at work, and takes all the kids to their various activities. She even takes them a lot on weekends too. What is the biblical model of a Grandma? Should my mom be staying at home (the best place for a woman, in my opinion, wherever possible) and try to help more in mentoring me and being a godly influence to her grandchildren? Or is it right that I do it on my own with no help? I realize my aunt's method is unhealthy and don't want that either!

Peggie said...

Mrs. Jo,

On my right sidebar I have a place that says "Questions". You can email me there by clicking on "contact Peggie". I would like to answer your question,but not here in the contacts. Some that you asked I have heard before so would like to make them a post if that is ok with you. I would like to pray more and check out somethings before I respond, but will respond and contact you when I get it up.

Thank you for writing.

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