Back Up Your Computer!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today is Works for Me at Rocks in My Dryer. I do not have the graphic since my computer went kaput on Saturday and I am working off a friend's computer tonight.

I have learned the hardway what does not work for me. Now I am a computer nut. I have pulled apart computers, replaced parts, love my software and have taken computer courses for web design as well as software courses.


I get an F. I have no backup and I now have no hard drive.

Right now I am at a friend of my husbands computer shop. He can't get the info off my harddrive either. Now, I have all family pictures, old pictures, all my blog info, affiliate info and passwords. Documents that are needed, my web design files and all my email addresses are all on that harddrive.

Paul tried, but can't get the thing to work and said there is only one chance of getting to work, but he does not have the part. It seems I need to get another drive, same model number and try to take a part off and maybe that is all that is wrong. MAYBE!

I said "what should I have done to back this up?"

Here is what he said should work for me (and you!).

  • Get another hard drive that you can plug in and have a software program to ghost the hard drive.

  • Get an external harddrive and software to back up at a certain time every day, week or whatever.

  • At the very least, make a copy of your important info on cds or some other storage and keep it in a safe place.

So, from now on, I am backing up! This will save me the time, head ache and heartache I am facing now, and that Works For Me!


~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

so sorry about your computer! I need to back up my pictures before the same thing happens here. Thanks for the reminder!

Farrah said...

Yikes, yikes! I am saying a prayer for your computer dilemma.

I read your front blog page a bit. Jesus is my Saviour, too. I think it's neat that you are using your blog to reach out to others and offering to answer questions.

Mommy Cracked said...

How terribly frustrating!! I really need to do this, also. I also look for online places I can store my photos, like Snapfish and Photobucket. I hope you are able to salvage some of it.

Jen @ JenuineJen said...

Oh, I am so sorry about your computer. That really stinks! We use a maxtor external harddrive for our backups. We actually have 2. One for a regular weekly backup and one for every other month or so that we keep at a friend's house. Since all of our photos of our children are on the computer, I am paranoid about loss to fire or theft, which is why I keep a second backup at a friend's house. Of course, the same could be done with an online backup service.

Playful Professional said...

I've heard this tip over and over again. Maybe this time I'll actually listen to it. Sorry about the computer!

Beckie said...

Yeah after what we delt with on Sunday with ours this is a good idea. Sean thought he he was being helpfu and downloaded a virus on to ours. It claimed it was to protect from spyware except it was a fake alert. So everyone knows it is called Virus heat 3.9. After purchasing spysweeper and restoreing settings to a previous date and redownloading McAfee (a pain on dialup) we are good.

Jendeis said...

I'm sorry about your computer. Yikes! What a wonderful way to help others, however, by stressing the need to backup regularly. :)

forgetfulone said...

My husband has an external hard drive on our computer, but I so often forget to save to it rather than to the computer itself. I'll be out of luck next time I lose my data, which has happened before, if I don't take your advice and hubby's.

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