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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Today is Frugal Friday at Biblical Womanhood and I am joining in.

As wives and mothers I believe it is our responsibility to live within our means. Being frugal is the only way many of us can accomplish this. Others can afford more, but choose to live frugally so they can save, give to missions or help the poor.

One of the things I do is shop thrift stores. We all know of Goodwill, but there are many other Thrift stores around; Salvation Army, private ones and church thrifts are a few.

One thing I am learning to do is compare shop at thrift stores. I do not know about you, but around here the Goodwill is getting to be priced awfully high. I went in there last week and a shirt that still had the tags on from the store was priced $1.50 more than the original price! Walmart shoes were more than to go to Walmart and buy them.

Just because it says "Thrift Store" does not mean it is. Compare!

We have a private one nearby that has a lot of junk for high prices, another one the prices are very high for a thrift store also. The Salvation Army seems to be reasonable and often has times when the prices are marked in half or certain tags are marked in half. There is also a Christian Thrift store where the proceeds go to helping the poor and missions. This store is the greatest! Their prices are great, they are nice to deal with and will work with you.

Thrift stores are all different. We sometimes justify the money, or do not compare and just spend because it is a so called "thrift" store. Don't be fooled! Compare like you would any other store.

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Edi said...

We almost never go to Salvation Army b/c of the prices and the junk! Once in awhile when we are looking for something in particular we'll pop into one thinking "maybe things have changed" - but they haven't. There are about 2 thrift stores near me that I can count on for consistent goods and prices...the one nearest me is also the best b/c it is clean, things are sized on the racks and they have a lot of merchandise. The downsize - almost all the workers barely speak English - so if you are looking for help to find something, you may be on your own.

Mrs. C said...

I've also generally found larger stores have more stuff to choose from and better prices... which means I only go when I'm out doing something else because it's a fair distance.

Joy of Frugal Living said...

There is a lot of variety where I live too. I've found a store may be good for some things and not others. For example, the store with great greeting cards (10 cents) has expensive clothes ($8 for a skirt). So I shop a bunch of them, focusing on what is best at each store.

Thanks for the tip!

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