The Joys of Parenthood

Saturday, March 8, 2008

I read blogs. I love to see what other people write and learn from them and hope they from me. Because of this I get feeds from many blogs on my google home page and my google reader. Today I was doing some reading (trying to avoid what I had to do today!) and read a great post on Bringing Good Home. It brought back many memories of when my kids were small and the many things that they pulled, tried, got into and could have been disastrous. Some were.

As moms we sometimes think we will not survive those years. I had four kids in 5 1/2 years, then another one 5 years later. When #5 was coming I consoled myself that at least this one would not do something one of the others had done, so I should know how to handle everything.

I had already had a child put a paper clip in an electrical outlet and burn his fingers and welded the outlet shut (to this day mind you!). I had a child feed motor oil to the next one down the line. I had them pull diapers off in the front yard while a nosy neighbor was watching us with binoculars. Quite the eye full she got as the diaper was also full.

Then there was the child that climbed on everything. The crib had to be pulled down when she was 7 months old because we could not keep her in it. There was the daughter that got on the top of a 5.5 foot dresser to play around the room without touching anything. Swung on the door to hit the bed and hit the frame instead. Lost 3 teeth and cut up her lip in the doing.

The list goes on from the first 4, so what else could another one do?

Try climb on the stove, open the door of the oven, turn on all the burners and walk back to my side so fast she was never missed. Until the kitchen was on fire! Or eat the border off a cake for 300 people and tell me it "only a little bit, no one will notice". Or strip her clothes off and open the door for the mailman (we lived in the city).

I could go on and on, but each child is different and believe me, what they pull as kids is nothing to what they pull as teens! Mine were good teens too, no real problems, but still a wild, fun ride.

We do survive. Relax, discipline when needed and laugh a lot inside. When it is Halloween and your daughter is in the back of a police car dressed up like a jail bird and the cop drives by your house, remember it will be a good story later. (She did nothing wrong, someone whose door they went to did and they called the police!, of course I did not know that when she went by in the back of the car!).

Life is a journey. Enjoy the trip. You will survive!


Mrs. C said...

Wow, that's quite a list! Today you would have had a few visits from the local social worker LOL!

Peggie said...

Yeah, I know, and I had normal kids... I think.

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