Kids Cup Cakes

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Last night I went to a Bible Study that my husband and I attend. They always have some kind of goodies there that are very hard to resist.

There is one woman who makes the yummiest, most fattening things every week. However, she was not there yesterday and someone else brought a treat that reminded me of when my kids were young.

You know how you need cupcakes for the school parties, or just for treats? Well, Lacy made a school treat last night. She took some ice cream cones that were getting a bit stale. Rather than throw them away, she made them into cup cakes.

A few tricks to doing this:

  1. make sure your cones stand up and can't fall over, a pan with sides and them in tight works.
  2. be sure your cake mix goes to the bottom, if not you will have a gap in there with no cake. Tap them to get the mix down
  3. bake as you would any cupcake, checking for doneness as the recipe calls for.
Decorate as you want, or just ice.

As you can see, they can be enjoyed by all ages!

This is 15 month old Scout enjoying one Lacy sent home for her.

She had a shower after she was done!

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Lee said...

this is a fun idea. I'm sure to be using it soon.

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