Ink Cartridges

Thursday, January 3, 2008

I love to save money. My husband teases me so much about the deals that I can find.

Over Christmas he was looking for a PS2 to USB converter. He could not find anything cheaper than $30 and knew there had to be. I walked in a store, saw one for $15 and got it for him. It was the same one he could not find for less than $30!

I love freebies. I have several yahoo groups I belong to as well as some blogs that point out the freebie deals that companies have. It is so much fun going to the mail and finding a treat for my cat, some shampoo, cereal or some other thing I paid nothing for.

One thing I hate spending money on is ink cartridges. How can they charge so much for a little cartridge for a printer? I have a Canon printer and my cartridges are relatively cheap at 11 - 12 a piece. My husband has a HP printer and his will take the food budget to replace. It seems the cheaper the printer the more expensive the cartridge too.

Yesterday I found a way to get cheaper cartridges and help someone as well. An old friend of mine has been trying to raise money to be full time in the ministry. She was a missionary with her first husband until he was martyred by guerrillas in Columbia a number of years ago. She has since remarried and her and her husband want to go into a ministry reaching people who are homeless, been in jail or otherwise unwanted in society. If you would like a way to get cheap ink cartridges as well as support someone serving the Lord email Lorraine at ibsbusiness at bellsouth dot net and tell her what printer you have and she will give you a quote. Mine are only $4 each compared to 11 or 12 in the store.

For more frugal ideas check in at Biblical Womanhood.


A Dusty Frame said...

What a great tip. Thanks. I'm going to check.

I was happy to hear of their ministry. My husband is in prison right now, so people who minister to "people like us" are dear to my heart.

Lady Why said...

Thank you for that tip! I am always on the look out for inexpesive cartridge replacements!

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