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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It is backwards day at Rocks In My Dryer and I am going to participate. Works for me Wednesday is a day we always learn from one another. I love hearing every one's hints and hoping that maybe I would have something to offer others.

Today I am going to ask you for your help and ideas. I ma trying to organize my house and am having all kinds of troubles with it. Can anyone give me ideas for storing when there is little room. I have things so messed up because I can't find ways to organize.

  • Plastic storage bags (ziploc etc) plastic wrap, waxed paper etc. are setting on my dryer for lack of a place to put them and way to store them.
  • patterns (sewing) are in a box in the back room. This room also has the computers and computer stuff, books for the computer etc. Fabric, craft stuff and other things are setting all around this room as I can't figure out how to organize it.
  • The closet for my husbands and my clothes is a good size. It is not huge, and is a walkin. However, it has rods for hanging on both sides and our clothes are all shoved and get wrinkled. I have summer and winter clothes, both hanging, and do not know how to organize any of it so things are not always wrinkled.
I am discouraged about my problems with getting it together. I want it all neat, all my craft things, sewing things etc available and there when I want them. I would like my drawer in the kitchen (yes, I only have one) neat instead of the spatulas, ladles etc all bunched together and I have to dig when I want something.

You can see my problem is deep. Any help you can give me would be wonderful!

Hope on over to Rocks In My Dryer for more questions and answers.


Mrs. Troop said...

Sounds like you are frustrated! Nothing makes me feel worse than things out of order. Which, in some respect, they always are at this point in my life!
Have you tried adding plasic drawer units under the hanging rods in your closets? We lived (with 7 of our 8) in a small house until recently, and that was how I survived. Also, I put out of season clothes in plastic storage containers in my garage. I'm not sure about the kitchen. I have all of my big cooking utensils in a jar by the stove (for lack of drawer space). They have really neat wire storage racks for wax paper/plastic wrap, etc. that attach to the back of a cabinet or pantry door - you might try that.
Good luck!
By the way, having more space is nice (not that our new house is huge), but it doesn't really solve the problem! I loved having NO space so that I HAD to clean out a LOT! It was great! I'm still not sure how we did the 9 people/one bathroom thing, but it worked!
Take care.

Jennifer said...

My ziplocks and similar items sit on my microwave, so I'm no help there!

Craft stuff: Try a shoe holder over the back of a door! They are good sized pockets for scrap fabrics, patterns, scissors, etc, and since it's behind a door, it doesn't take up any shelf space, desktop space, or sit out for all to see!

Clothes: I usually take out the out of season clothes. I'm in an apartment so we use our "guest" room closet for this type of storage. It really frees up the closet space.

Hope that helps!

Ann said...

Hi Peggy!
I can so identify with feeling like you are in deep with things not where you'd like them.
Here's some thoughts:
1. If you haven't decluttered, then start there. You can't organize clutter is what Flylady Marla Cilley says. Seems like everyone knows about Flylady, but I'll add her URL anyway:

2. After you've decluttered and you are surrounded by the things you love, then organize. Have a friend come over and survey the situation to help you see your home with a new set of eyes. The idea is to use what you have to repurpose it for something using a tall kitchen trash can to hold wrapping paper or using an old lunchbox for ribbon storage.

3. Go through your clothes and keep only the clothes you feel great in, give the rest away.

4. I have always used a crock on my counter to keep ladles, wooden spoons, etc. Otherwise the counter is decluttered, too. No blenders or toasters taking up space. Only the KitchenAid stand mixer is privileged to remain on display :)

5. You can email me, too. I have tons of links and photos of craft areas, etc that people have organized. I'm very visual and like pictures!

6. It all starts with decluttering.

Mrs. Bick said...

There are lots of ways to organize, but the real trick is finding the right fit for you. If you are serious, the very first, and most valuable step is to PURGE. Be honest about the things you really need, really use, and really enrich your life. Then take stock in how and where you use your stuff. If you craft in a specific room, keep your materials there. Be creative. Under bed storage is under used. Bed lifts could give you more room for roll outs, tubs, and other things. The over the door shoe holder is great, as is the closet rod shoe organizer. Great for patterns, small projects in process, and such.

Honestly, sometimes the best thing is to consult a professional organizer about the situation. The initial consultation might just be what you need to get started on finding the right solution and system just for you. We organizers are worth our weight in gold when it comes to helping clients solve their problem!

Peggie said...

I have been purging and getting rid of like crazy. It is what is left that is giving me problems. I know I have more to part with, and know my hubby is not at the same stage of parting with as I am. This creates a bit of a problem too.

I look in cabinets and just do not know what works with what, how to organize it. Then things end up a mess again. I am trying, but get easily discouraged.

Mom2fur said...

I'll tell you something that's been a real help when it comes to my sewing patterns--accordian folders! One pattern for each section. I label the outside by category, like "Baby Clothes" or "Crafts." I try to purge my patterns once in a while--ones that are missing pieces or ones I didn't like making in the first place and will never use again are the first to go. I have 4 folders in total, so enough space for almost 50 patterns. I lay these sideways on a bookshelf. You could also put them straight up and down on the top shelf.
I found a cute white wicker etagere on the roadside and fold my fabric on that. I keep scraps in a pretty bin.
Do you have an attic or basement? Could you store off-season clothes out of the closet? The fewer clothes in the closet, the less likely you'll get wrinkles.
One drawer in your kitchen...ouch! I have plenty and needed more, LOL! I had this 3-drawer plastic rolling cart that was pink. I used Krylon Fusion paint (for plastic) and painted it red. I now use it to store bulky things like ladels and tongs. Would something like that fit in your kitchen? Could you put a pretty crock or two on the counter for spoons or spatulas? And don't forget the top of your fridge! I have 3 cute, garage-sale purchased boxes up there. One is for flashlights. One has the parts to the meat grinder thingie for my Kitchenaid mixer and one has the cheese grinder parts.
Flat things could be put in a box under the couch or bed. A place to store fabric, maybe?
Good luck!

Lylah said...

I've been writing a bit on what I call "The Simple Home." Some of which has to do with organizing (and in my hubby's closet). I'm leaving you the main link and from there:
I'm trusting you can find somethings to encourage your heart.


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