Presenting: Caden

Monday, January 21, 2008

I would like to present to you

Caden Beau Loden

Caden was born about 12:15 PM Saturday, two months early. He weighs 3 lbs 9 ozs. and is 16 inches long. He is doing well and is adorable.

For all that has gone on during Misty's pregnancy you can read about it here and here and here. They have been through a lot and now they have this precious little one. A miracle and blessing from God.

Caden joins sister Carlie

We are proud grandparents of 18 grandchildren now!

To meet others, check out Beth's Meet and Greet Monday. Why not join in if you have a blog?


Mrs. C said...

Hey, congrats!!! How is Carlie doing now??

Peggie said...

Carlie is doing well. Of course some of it may not show up until later, but at this point she is great.

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