My Trip

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First, I want to let those that commented to me over this last week I will be getting to some of you. I am late since I was not home.

I have arrived. For the drama of the day you can check out my post on Ain't No Place To Put A Sticker. I will not repeat myself.

I had a great time in NC and in Maine. It was a wonderful Christmas present from my family.

I visited Jessica in NC first and had a good time with her and Lexi. We relaxed, walked and it was a quiet time. She taught me how she shops at CVS and I am wishing more and more there was one close to me so I could get bargains too!

Lexi is so quiet and I could not believe how much Jessica gets done with a baby around. I watch another grand daughter, Scout, and she is so into everything I get almost nothing done all day. However, being there gave me the rest I needed between Scout here and the crew in Maine!

I flew to Maine and stayed first with my daughter Karra and their 5 kids. I arrived and they all talked at once for the first day. It was fun, but I am sure I missed much of what was said since they were all in my ear and talking at the same time. They have grown so much!

On Saturday we had Christmas together. It was fun to watch the kids open presents and play together. My son Paul has 2 boys and I could not believe how big Sean grew since the summer. He is getting tall and turning into a real teen. I stayed with the the rest of the day and then went to Bethany's for the night so we could spend time on Sunday together. I slept with her cat, who purred in my ear for some time, but I did not mind.

I wanted so much to see the ocean while I was there, so they took me for a ride to Cousin's Island, Long John's Island and another one I can't recall right now. After winding down this road we came to a stop, drive farther and you went into the ocean! I took the following two pictures there.

Notice anything funny about the 1st one?

Yes, it drops right off into the water! But buses can park there!

I shot this picture off the fishing pier that was there. That was it, where the road ended. No turn around, no guard rail, just ended there.

Sunday evening I went to Erik's. He has 4 kids and the talking all at once started again. I had a little practice by then so did better with it and think I caught most of what was said.

Living away from part of the family is hard. I love them all and when I am with one I miss the other. I was with some of the kids, but missed my husband so much. Before I am even back to Texas the pains of missing those not here are already starting.

Family. There is nothing like it. Cherish it, grow it and keep contact.


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