New Year's Eve, New Year's Day

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The day is almost over and I am finally writing what I have been doing.

Last night, the last night of the year to get in all the horrahs, I spent watching TV on the couch until I fell asleep. Lest you think that was late, I think I remember seeing 9PM, but not sure. I had a weird dream that I dropped my glasses behind the couch just before my husband woke me to go to bed.

Last night was spent in dreams and trying to get the dog to stop bothering me. Apparently she had to go out, but I was not smart enough to get up and let her out. My husband stepped in it this morning when he got up. Happy New Year honey!

I got up and went to put the dog out (at 7 AM and too late) and could not find my glasses. I looked all over, but for me I need my glasses to see my glasses, so asked help from my husband. Remember last night's dream? It was no dream, he found them behind the couch! Happy New Year!

Today I went to put away my Christmas stuff and found a mouse had been dining in the closet in the spare room. My husband had a number of boxes of old mail, junk etc in the closet. It was from before we got married and I just never got around to going through it. He likes to hang on to everything, so this means going through when he is not here. Now that the mouse was making it home, I was getting rid of.

After hours on the floor sorting I ended up with three big boxes of junk and one little box of keepers. Since the mouse found it he did not argue.

Now, it is bed time again, New year's day is about over and I am wondering, if it is starting out in doggy doo and mouse doo what is the rest of the year going to be like?


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