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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Today I would like to share three fun links with you. I shared one on my other site and want to share two more with you here. These links help me at times and thought they would be useful for others.

The first one I want to recommend is TipNut. I get a daily summery from them and many days it is really something useful and I save it. For instance, today had one called 11 goals to enhance your life this year. They are worth reading. Sometimes there are craft tips, money saving tips, how to do things, like fix a chair, etc. It is a cute site worth signing up for the newsletter.

Another site is a bit of fun. Want an idea for dinner? Don't have much in the house? Not sure what you can do with what you do have? Try going to I have never seen a more interesting way to come up with something for dinner! Say you have beef, eggs, garlic, coffee, chocolate, tomatoes and pasta plus some seasonings. Put them in the list and you will find you can make: Chocolate dream, grilled tomatoes, and a few other things. You could also make pasta with seasoned oil, tomato concassee or a number of other recipes. Just put in what you have on hand and it will give you something you can do with it. Try it! Have some fun for dinner tonight! Works for me!


Phyllis Sommer said...

that cooking by numbers sounds like fun! thanks for the tip:-)

Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

Cooking By Numbers sounds like just the site for me! Thanks for the great tip!

amyswandering said...

I really like the Tipnut site - thanks for sharing!

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